Wedding Pricing

So you’re getting married…it’s official ! It’s a significant milestone for both you as a couple and your famillies. You spend so long preparing for the day and yet it can pass by so quickly ; that’s why the photos are so important. The ambiance, the location, the atmosphere, the laughter, your friends and family all dressed-up, and, ultimately, the two of you on your special day ; all of this needs to be captured in order for you to be able to relive the day later down the line. I try and take high-quality yet simple and spontaneous photographs which will tell a story, your story.

The photographer and a married couple need to ‘click’. You need to find a photographer who will take photos you’ll love, but also one you’ll get on well with and feel totally at ease with. So before the wedding I ensure that we speak and exchange ideas about what you’re looking for so that your photos will reflect you. I’m always happy to take note of any specific requests you have as well as providing creative ideas of my own. You can find out more about me here.

On the day itself, I’m a natural at becoming invisible in order to capture natural moments throughout the day. The couples I’ve worked with have often been surprised when I’ve shown them the photos, stating that they didn’t even notice I was there !

Regarding the photos themselves, I’m not a huge fan of staged photographs which take hours and hours. I prefer to capture a large number of real, natural moments throughout the day. In general, I find that 15 minutes is enough time to take pictures of the couple away from their guests. This means their friends and family are not led to believe they’ve run away due to them being absent for hours. Having said this, I often like to steal you for the odd moment at different points in the day if I spot that the light has changed or I have a spontaneous idea !

My prices for wedding photography are based on a whole day. From the early-morning preparations to the final song on the dance floor, I’m continually capturing moments between the couple and between their guests. Despite there being just me, I’m quick to get to know those present in order to think up interesting and unique photo opportunities. I don’t log the minutes I’m there ; if your starts at 9am and finishes at 3am, I’ll be there for its entirety.

When editing your photos, I go through them one at a time and trial different effects in order to enhance them in the best way possible. This can mean that I try them in black and white, or change the exposure or contrast. As you may have spotted if you’ve looked through my albums, I particularly like the contrast between black and white photos and those which have vivid colours. Sepia on the other hand isn’t a favourite of mine !

Generally, it takes approximately 4 weeks to complete the editing of your photos after the wedding day. The photos are sent to you in HD and internet format using an online transfer. The same photos will also be accessible via a password-protected link on my website. You’re free to send the photos onto your friends and family or print them in any way you choose.

The price I give you is a fixed price (excluding travel costs), available on request by email. For an additional fee, I am also able to make a printed photo album featuring your favourite shots.

In short, wedding photography is something I thoroughly enjoy. Not committing to 365 a year means that every wedding I do is highly special and unique.

So, whether you’re about to get married or know somebody who is, and would like to have beautiful and unique photographs to capture the unforgettable day, please do get in touch.